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Links to all the things you'll need to be part of the National Waterbug Blitz citizen science project.

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'How To' videos

Watch these short videos which walk you through conducting a Waterbug Blitz survey.


A short video on taking great photos of waterbugs using The Waterbug App to upload with your data. Thanks to John Gooderham and Cecil Ellis for their tips & tricks for macro-phonetography.

Video Tutorial 1. Site selection, Safety & Setting Up

Watch these short, informative video tutorials before going out to conduct your waterbug survey. This video includes tips on site selection, safety in the field and equipment required to undertake a macroinvertebrate survey. A great resource to use in the classroom and for community groups, idividuals and agencies taking part in the National Waterbug Blitz

Video Tutorial 2. Waterbug Sampling Methods

This short video tutorial shows the techniques required to catch macroinvertebrates using a net, and how to use the Waterbug App to start recording your waterbug survey

Video Tutorial 3. Sorting Waterbug Sample

This short video tutorial shows how to sort through your waterbug sample into different species from the sorting tray to ice cube trays for identification. 

Video Tutorial 4. Identify & Record Waterbug Sample

This short video tutorial shows how to identify each waterbug using the Agreed Level Taxonomy Keys and the Waterbug App to record all your data and upload to the National Waterbug Blitz program.


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