National Waterbug Blitz
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What is the Waterbug Blitz?

The National Waterbug Blitz is Australia’s first nationwide waterway monitoring event. 

In spring each year, Australians are encouraged to become ‘citizen scientists’ and investigate how healthy their local waterways and wetlands are, simply by exploring and identifying what waterbugs they contain.  

The National Waterbug Blitz will start this spring in 2018. Anyone can be participate!

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What are waterbugs?

Waterbugs (also called ‘freshwater macroinvertebrates’) are small animals like mayfly nymphs and shrimp that live in fresh water. The type and number of waterbugs found in a waterway can tell us a lot about how healthy that waterway is.

Waterbugs are awesome because they provide us with a mini ecosystem that demonstrates ecological concepts such as trophic webs (who eats who) and ecological niches (who lives where and why).  They also provide an easily accessed example of how ecosystems respond to the various ways we impact our waterways. 

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Come and join the National Waterbug Blitz!