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Waterbug Resources

A Guide to Going Backwards (and dichotomous keys) in The Waterbug App

The Waterbug App has three different ways of identifying waterbugs: THE KEYS, SPEEDBUG and THE LIST.  The first of these (THE KEYS) presents the user with a series of questions, the answers to which define a path through a dichotomous key – ending with an identification. 

This Guide is a useful addition to understanding how to use the App for waterbug identification



Video Tutorial 1. Site selection, Safety & Setting Up

         Watch these short, informative video tutorials before going out to conduct your waterbug survey. This video includes tips on site selection, safety in the field and equipment required to undertake a macroinvertebrate survey. A great resource to use in the classroom and for community groups, idividuals and agencies taking part in the National Waterbug Blitz


Video Tutorial 2. Waterbug Sampling Methods

This short video tutorial shows the techniques required to catch macroinvertebrates using a net, and how to use the Waterbug App to start recording your waterbug survey


Video Tutorial 3. Sorting Waterbug Sample

This short video tutorial shows how to sort through your waterbug sample into different species from the sorting tray to ice cube trays for identification. 


Video Tutorial 4. Identify & Record Waterbug Sample

This short video tutorial shows how to identify each waterbug using the Agreed Level Taxonomy Keys and the Waterbug App to record all your data and upload to the National Waterbug Blitz program.


Waterbug Blitz Training Survey - Plain Language Information Sheet

Did you attend one of our training events hosted around the country during the 2019 Waterbug Blitz? We would love to hear from you! In our efforts to make the National Waterbug Blitz a fun experience that has real impact, we invite you to share your experience and satisfaction with the training sessions and The Waterbug App.

We have created a short survey developed by the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI). Please complete the National Waterbug Blitz Training Survey here It should only take 5 minutes to complete. For more information about this research, see Plain Language Information Sheet for Waterbug Blitz Training Survey




Introductory Factsheet

A brief explanation of what the National Waterbug Blitz is about, where you can find equipment and The Waterbug App, and how organisations can help support their local community to get involved.



Training Workshop Info

Training isn't essential for participating in the Waterbug Blitz, but if you'd like some experts to help you get started with your sampling methods, identification of bugs in 1-day workshops, this factsheet outlines who to contact and what the pricing schedule is for different training events. We encourage local councils and NRM bodies to help sponsor these training workshops.



Downloadable Resources

The Waterbug app (for Android and Apple)

Identify freshwater macroinvertebrates (waterbugs) from Australia - developed by the The Waterbug Company and The Code Sharman. The Waterbug App will help you to assess your river or creek as well as identifying waterbugs.



Waterbug Orders (Quick ID)

This A3 poster helps with the identification of waterbugs.  It is the first part of the ALT keys, but can be used by itself to identify waterbugs to Order level.  Order level is pretty much the level we attribute common names like Mayfly (Ephemeroptera), Beetle(Coleoptera) and Caddisfly (Trichoptera).



Media Pack

Fonts and Logo (PDF)

Want to make your flyers, posters, emails or other digital and print communications look professional and fit in with the established National Waterbug Blitz aesthetic? Then the fonts and logo guide is the document for you.



Key Messages

If you want to get the word out about your group's participation in the National Waterbug Blitz, make sure to check out our key messages document. This simple guide sets out the three core ideas that we believe will be the most helpful to communicate when talking about the campaign as well as some talking points that expand on each message.



Letters to MPs

To help promote the project in local council areas, to state and Australian Government elected representatives, we’ve included a template letter for MPs that you can utilise to send information about the National Waterbug Blitz to your local members, and invite them along to training workshops and Blitz events you may be holding.



Logo and Imagery

If you're looking for a copy of our logo or some relatable imagery, please visit our Google drive and download any of the images available.


Media Release Template

We want to make life as easy as possible for all the wonderful individuals and organisations that are contributing to the National Waterbug Blitz. In this spirit, we've compiled an easy-to-use media release template with simple instructions detailing how to modify the release for your media needs.



Training Workshop Organiser Pack

Hosting a National Waterbug Blitz Training workshop - Checklist

To help set out your 'to-do-list' prior to hosting a Training Workshop with the Waterbug Blitz Team, here's a few things to help guide you.



NWB Training Session Flyer Template

Use this template to promote your Waterbug training sessions - just add your details including date, location and contact details