Waterbug Photo Competition
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Waterbug Photo Competition - extended till 30 Nov, 2019!

Waterbug Blitzers, you are invited to submit your photos of waterbugs and workshop locations for a chance to win an Olympus Tough TG6 camera valued at over $650. Take your photos within the promotion period from 1st September to 30 November 2019. Then submit your entries via social media in one or more of these three categories:

1.    Instream Waterbug – photo of a waterbug(s) insitu – i.e. in the stream or waterbody it’s located in.
2.    Offstream Waterbug – photo of a waterbug taken outside of it’s natural habitat – in tank, tray etc.
3.    Blitz Location Landscape – photo of a location where a waterbug blitz was completed, with evidence in the photo.

•    Post your photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
•    Tag #waterbugblitzpics in the image caption 
•    Tag the photo with the hashtag of the category the entry is for - #instreamwaterbug #offstreamwaterbug #blitzlocationlandscape

Don't have social media ccounts? You can submit your entries here, see details below.

Please read Terms & Conditions for all details. Winners wil be announced on 6th December 2019. Got any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at info@waterbugblitz.org.au 

Good luck!!